Here, you can meet someone and talk about things that trouble you. To talk about when sex hasn’t felt quite right can help you find strategies and ways to feel better. We provide a safe space and support with someone knowledgeable about these issues.

As a counselor at Checkpoint, I have sexological expertise, I am a trained social worker, and am familiar with the community. I have knowledge about drugs, sex work, sex, and safer sex, and I do not keep any records. It’s free to come to me, and if you wish, you can remain anonymous.

To book an appointment or for counseling, send an email to:

We can, for example, talk about your thoughts on drugs and sex or chemsex. It can also be about your experiences with sexual risks, sex work, or how HIV affects your sex life. The conversation is guided by your questions and thoughts.

Checkpoint’s counselor is available for gay and bisexual men, men who have sex with other men, and/or are transgender.